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Although YL#2750 is designed specifically for high temperature, high pressure valves of new concept perfectly, it can be used for expansion joints handling high pressure steam., hot gases and oils. The asbestos fiber is treated with graphite around an inert core of pure asbestos. It is superior to flexibility and elasticity, it produces a pliable resilient packing which easily conforms to the space available in the gland. It has a perfect sealing effect, because the inert core does not contain any elastomeric binder, the packing remains stable and resilient even under the most arduous conditions, including repeated wetting with condensate. The high tensile inconel reinforced outer braiding gives the necessary reinforcement when sealing high pressure. The surface of YL#2750 is treated with molybdenum disulphide carried in a non-hardening binder. This reduces friction at the valve stem and enables the packing to be used safely in contact with stainless steel.
① High temperature and pressure valves
② Saturated and super-heated steam valve
③ High temperature slide and stop valves
④ Boiler and control valves on marine turbines
and automatic tube blowers
① Temperature Range : MAX 700℃
② Pressure : 250 bar
③ PH Range : 3 - 14

YL#2055 is made from pure asbestos yarn which is impregnated with PTFE. It is braided as diagonal form, is added a special surface treatment of PTFE and lubricant. YL#2055 is superior to elasticity and lubricating property. Abrasion of shaft is low and flexibility is a good. YL#2055 is suitable to food, common chemical, steam, slovent, paper indusries.
① Rotating pumps, valves, reciprocating and static pumps,
agitators, various mixers
① Temperature Range : -75℃ ~ 315℃
② PH Range : 3 - 12