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  Young IL Spiral Wound Gaskets has flexibility and restoration function. Those are necessities at high temperature and pressure. It manages the changes of temperature and pressure very effectively. It keeps promptness at any conditions, so it is used at various places like steam-power generation, atomic generation, oil refinery, petrochemistry, general chemistry, and vessel as a material of Semi-Metallic Material.

Young IL Gaskets rolls both Metal Strip having V-aspect and Filler having promptness and buffing function up together. After end parts of rolled Young IL Gaskets are rolled up only by Metal Strip, it is fixed very steadily by spot welding. It is called YL #920 ; Sealing Element.

1. A Sealing effect
1. Continuous Sealing works with sealing effect of the sealing elements that each metal strip
1. and filler were constructed.

2. A Corrosive resistance
1. Being distinguished for corrosive resistance in various chemical products(OIL, strong
1. corrosive fluid), saltwater, gas and etc., because we produce production as selecting metal
1. strip, filler, a standard of a ring and material quality according to a useful place (food
1. production, chemical production, oil chemistry, etc. plant).

3. A Good restoration and flexibility
1. Because we makes product according to a temperature and a pressure level, flexibility and
1. restoration are kept in any state, and an active coped ability is qualified on breaking point
1. a few change.

4. It is usability in damaged flange
1. It is used for flange without processing which is a long-term driving and a lot of number of
1. complement, or is damaged by a big difference of a pressure and temperature, or delicate
1. processing can be need(suitable at 25S).

5. A application limit
1. Pressure : 200kg/㎠ (3000PSI)
1. Temperature : -180℃∼+580℃

6. It can be manufactured from voluntary types and size

Type Section YOUNG IL No. & Filler Material
YOUNG SUPER(Non-Asbestos) YOUNG FOIL(Expanded Graphite) YOUNG FLON(P.T.F.E.)
Standard 920 7920 5920
Inner Ring 922 7922 5922
Outer Ring 923 7923 5923
Inner-Outer Ring 927 7927 5927
Special   929 7929 5929