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1979년   :  The first domestic production of Spiral Wound Gaskets
1987년   :  The domestic joint production of Boiler D/M Level Gauge with
2222222222222Korea Electronic Power Corporation
1992년   :  The selection as a promising medium and small-sized enterprise(HANIL Bank)
1992년   :  The recognition of grade Q in the aspect of a quality guarantee and stability
2222222222222as a qualified company for fixing the equipment of neclear power plants
1992년   :  The introduction of Automatic Braiding Machine Full Set and technical aids
2222222222222from Herzog in Germany for the localization of Gland Packing
1993년   :  The change of firm name into "YOUNG IL KOREA"
1996년   :  The construction of factories (2667.20㎡ of land, 3092.78㎡ of builing)
1997년   :  The industrial-educational cooperation for automatic operation of factories
1998년   :  The patent application of Sealing Gaskets(GPS YL# 7700)
2000년   :  The completion of developing of Gland Packing, Level Gauge with Pohang
2222222222222Iron& Steel Co., Ltd.