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Young-il Korea is a corporation that produces the best packing, Gaskets and boiler D/M level gauge. In 1979, Young-il was established in Bucheon city of Gyung-Gi district.
In 1979, Young-il became a very first corporation that produces spiral wound Gaskets using only our techniques without any other countries help. Young-il became a unique corporation in Gaskets business world. In 1987, Young-il succeeded at marking boiler D/M level gauge only by our skills with Korea Electric Power Company. In 1992, Young-il was approved as a corporation which has proper qualification for fixing machines of nuclear stations.

Young-il have been known to a good company which makes the best products having very good qualification until now. Also, we imported automatic braiding machine full set from Herzog Company which is in Germany for making gland packing by ourselves, and cooperated techniques with Herzog Company. How, Young-il produces the best gland packing having good qualification.

In 1993, we changed the name of corporation as Young-il Korea. In 1996, we built a new building and moved to Incheon district.
In 1997, we invented YL#7700 graphite pressure seal Gaskets, so we achieved a new era at field of valve bonnet seal.

You can realize that Young-il Korea which has very new techniques and produces the best packing, Gaskets and boiler D/M level gauge is a special company in the world when you compare prices and qualifications of products of Young-il Korea and ones of the other foreign corporations.