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  YOUNGFOIL is manufactured from nature graphite powder of low-density and 99.9% degree of purity which is non-asbestos material packing and is environmental attractive packing. YOUNGFOIL is manufactured from glossing as flexible foil and thin piece. That is not added any addition and mixture to all graphite powder of 99.9% degree of purity. That is a high heat conductivity and low coefficient of expansion. YOUNGFOIL is used for producing products widely.

YL#7200 is manufactured from composing by 99.9% degree of purity over graphite without addition or union glue, being given fold. The character of YL#7200 is soft, flexible. The cooling water from YL#7200 does not flow outside. In order to keeping a hard sealing state required that contact pressure minimize. Also YL#7200 is character of self-lubricating and conductive substance of high heat capacity, so YL#7200 kept a long life under working, that heat is minimized and dispersed to shaft surface. And heat-resist and pressure-resist are good. Its character is used to extra-low temperature. YL#7200 is very easy that it is controlled under working or after long-term use according to need. YL#7200 have an advantage that it can be added to addition without obstructing present packing state. YL#7200 is used to being connection with food, water, warlike chemicals.
① Fixed body  
② Rotating body  
③ Heat agitators  
④ Extra-high temperature and pressure valves, Piping
accessories, Competent person's danger area  
⑤ Nuclear plants
⑥ Extra-low temperature installation
⑦ Paper industries  
⑧ Media of being treated with inorganic and organic acids,
alkalies, solvents, steam
① Temperature Range : -200℃ ~ +3000℃ (atmosphere),
500℃ (oxidation)
② Pressure : 100 kgf/㎠ (reciprocating)
③ PH Range : 0 - 14
④ Speed : 30 m/s

Die-formed, and compressible packing rings can be used and splitted easily. YL#7300 has an advantage of chemical resistance and work for a long time under extra-high pressure, extra-high and low temperature. YL#7300 is used for centrifugal and reciprocating pumps of high speed. Especially, YL#7300 is used for steel, medicine, paper industries, and power plants usefully.
① Extra-high pressure, extra-low temperature,
high pressure valves
① Temperature Range : -200℃ ~ +3000℃ (atmosphere),
500℃ (oxidation)
② Pressure : 260 kgf/㎠ (reciprocating)
③ PH Range : 0 - 14
④ Speed : 30 m/s