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  This packing is produced by unique braiding-process of YOUNG IL that is impregnated with flax fiber of middle length over, PTFE, and oil. This packing has superior denser construction, and it's hard. It has extendsive sealing effect to common packing. This packing combines elasticity of flax with superior character of PTFE dispersion. Therefore, YOUNG IL flax packing isn't abraded by friction and prevented from corrosion. It has coefficient of pressure and flexibility. This packing's intensive strength is high. This packing is easy to installate and to locate by itself than other packings.

It is first impregnated with concentrated PTFE dispersion to promote non-flowing lubricity, and to retard degradation. This is followed with a plasticizing "break-in" lubricant which assures compressibility, flexibility, and good packing-to-shaft contact. Finally, in order to minimize damage of friction, a finely divided fluorocarbon powder is embedded into the surface of the packing. There will be virtually no wear on the shaft. YL#2250 is suitable to paper, pulp industries, and marine industries.
① Centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps, rotating pumps
 ② Tail shaft liners ③ Rudder posts ④ Valve glands
① Temperature Range : 120℃
② Pressure : 20 kgf/㎠(centrifugal)
② Pressure : 102 kgf/㎠(reciprocating)
③ PH Range : 6 - 9
④ Speed : 10 m/s