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YL#5000 is made from 100% PTFE fibers. It is suitable to fixed body packing. As YL#5000 is made from PTFE fiber that is lubricated with PTFE suspensoid, it is superior to enduring at high pressure. YL#5000 is suitable to almost all things including oxygen, chemistry.
YL#5000 is suitable to application of chemicals, medicines, and nuclear technology.
① High pressure installation  ② Valves  ③ Reciprocating pumps  
④ Vacuum dryers
① Temperature Range : -100℃ ~ +280℃
② Pressure : 500 kgf/㎠ (reciprocating)
③ PH Range : 0 - 14
④ Speed : 5 m/s

YL#5500 is manufactured by combining PTFE fiber that is removed impurities, PTFE and special lubricant which is soft and flexible packing. YL#5500 has a good resistance to chemicals and solvents. It is used for common industrial applications. Specially, YL#5500 is a very clean packing so it is suitable to food, medicine, and food processing.
YL#5500 is used for a strong alkalies and acids, corrosive gases, oxide, etc.
① Centrifugal pumps  ② Agitators  ③ Mixers 
④ Kneading machines
① Temperature Range : -100℃ ~ +280℃
② Pressure : 100 kgf/㎠ (centrifugal)
③ PH Range : 0 - 14
④ Speed : 10 m/s