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  This packing is practical and economical products that industries of various fields require, because it can be used in environment of water, steam, solvent, acids and alkalies. Also, new low modulus yarn provides the strength which is associated with continuous filament carbon fibers plus greater flexibility. This point makes YOUNG IL carbon packing strong and pliable. It gets rid of brittleness of conventional carbon packing. Graphite packing has strong construction and flexible. This product's characteristic are high thermal conductivity, high chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and minimum mass loss in high temperature.

This product's characteristics are three-step lubrication handling that prevents sleeve from abrasion, frictional heat, unique conjunction of high heat conductivity, and low coefficient of friction. Strands of high quality carbon filament are coated individually with PTFE suspensoid as a unique YOUNG IL process that controls accurately and evenly distributes the lubricant. YL#3500 is diagonal type, and once again coated with PTFE and graphite. The entire packing is more lubricated with a petroleum which is based sacrificial break in lubricant to alleviate excess friction. The use of these two super lubricants, carbon and PTFE in conjunction with break-in lubricant in a resilient construction provide immediate leakage control on installation with minimal adjustments even after shutdown periods. This packing is suitably used for installation of acids, strong alkalis, and hot oil solvents.
① Centrifugal or Rotational pumps  ② Soot blowers
③ Agitators ④ Valves
① Temperature Range : from -130℃ to 455℃ (in oxidizing
650℃ (non-oxidizing conditions like steam)
② Pressure : 36 kgf/㎠ (rotation/centrifugal), 173 kgf/㎠ (valve)
③ PH Range : 0 - 14 (except strong acid)
④ Speed : up to 20 ㎧

YL#7500 is suitably manufactured and constructed to high-speed applications by using low coefficient of friction and high thermal conductivity of graphite fiber. Special lubricant's use makes easy to installate and to start-up pump. This product resists many strong chemicals, therefore installation is possible at applications that most braided packing can not be used. YL#7500 works very well.
YL#7500 is suitable at installation of natural acids, petroleum, gas, oils, aromatic and aliphatic solvents, steam, and water.
① Rotative shaft of pumps ② Agitators  ③ Mixers ④ Crystalizers ⑤ Filters ⑥ Continuous digesters ⑦ Reciprocating pump rods  
⑧ Valve stems
① Temperature Range : from -130℃ to 455℃ (in oxidizing
650℃ (non-oxidizing conditions like steam)
② Pressure : 36 kgf/㎠ (centrifugal), 408 kgf/㎠ (reciprocating)
③ PH Range : 0 - 14
④ Speed : 20 ㎧

YL#3300 is manufactured by continuous filament carbon yarn of new concept and high technology. It is unique packing of YOUNG IL. YL#3300 is used at applications which require pure and perfect sealing. Flexible, and strong continuous filament carbon yarn and unique inorganic blocking agents prevent penetration of gases or liquids through the packing. If it is used to end-rings at YL#7300, sealing effect is superior. This product incorporates corrosion inhibiter with molybdenum for protecting stem. This product has perfect performance which is required at installations like valve, rotational and reciprocating machine.
① Valves
Steam valve : up to 560℃(1050。F)
Hot water : over 260℃(500。F)
② Rotational and reciprocating machine
Hot oil pump
Soot blowers
Brown stock pumps
High speed refiners and hydropulpers
Condensate and boiler feed pumps
① Temperature Range : 560℃
② Pressure : 250 kgf/㎠
③ PH Range : 2 - 13
④ Speed : 15 ㎧

YL#3750 is substituted for asbestos packing and specially suitable packing for fixing, because YL#3750 is an unique jacket construction encapsulated the inconel wire reinforcement in carbon yarn, and the product is easy to install and more flexible than conventional packing. The surface treated with the best lubricants which is molybdenum disulphide for minimizing the surface's abrasion. so YL#3750 does not harden, reduces valve stem wear, produces force of restitution, prevents the wire's abrasive contact with stainless steel and can use safely. Pressing out core material that specially manufactured which is expanded graphite prevents moisture absorption and keeps the original from under saturation or superhigh temperature. YL#3750's performance is superior than existing asbestos valve stem packing, also it is satisfied to side of the protection of environment.
YL#3750 is used to various valves under high temperature and pressure.
① Various valve under high temperature and pressure
② Steam valve, slide valve, steam turbine or automatic tube,
valve using blower
③ High temperature motor or air moving slide valve
① Temperature Range : 700℃
② Pressure : 220 kgf/㎠
③ PH Range : 1 - 12